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История, которая пахнет деревом 

Мастерские KONONOFF, артсоюз металла и дерева

 27 лет опыта работы с настоящим паркетом - чтобы дать натуральные ощущения вашим ногам.

Мы используем технологичный алюминий, стекло и старые технологии ковки и литья,

делая стильные утонченные ограждения для лестниц

Директор компании «Паркет-Мастер»

In the conditions of the information society, the formation of the personality of a young person and the development of his interests and needs cannot be considered and analyzed without taking into account the peculiarities of the information and network interactions in which he takes part, and, directly, the network space itself and the Internet environment. Back in 1980. The concept of the information society was created by E. Toffler, who wrote in his book The Third Wave: "The world that emerges quickly from the collision of new values and technologies requires completely new concepts, classifications, and ideas."